Little Free Library – Winthrop & Glenlake

Spent the morning at the DMV trying to get all our things switched over from California to Illinois. Managed to get new licenses but failed on all other fronts. But that’s okay! Just means another outing to the DMV, in hopes of catching a glimpse of Jesse White himself! (His tumblers visited my grade school in the 80s – it was pretty awesome.)

Spent the afternoon wandering Loyola’s lake shore campus, afterwards stopping into Metropolis Coffee for a cold brew (which, if you have never had, is delicious). On the way back to the car we stumbled onto this Little Free Library at the corner of N. Winthrop and W. Glenlake in Edgewater.

Today’s selection included a number of back issues of Monocle Magazine, as well as a copy of the first book in Kathryn Lasky’s Daughters of the Sea trilogy, if you’re looking to scratch that mermaid fiction itch.

As always, be sure to check out the official map to see if there are any Little Free Libraries near you. However, many aren’t registered so you can either search Google Maps or simply wander your neighborhood!

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