Two Little Free Libraries in Edgewater

This relatively new project has already taught me a number of things, including just how many Little Free Libraries there are in the Chicago area! We recently moved from San Diego, which, I though, had a good number of LFLs, but now it’s clear just how few they have in comparison.

I work a few blocks from the lake in Edgewater and, unable to find parking nearby, had to farther away in a residential area and hurry to make it in time. On this unexpected morning jog I came across not one, but two LFLs that I had not seen yet. After my shift I slowly drifted back to my car, stopping at them both along the way.

The first is at N. Broadway and W. Norwood, which someone had taken the time to add attractive decoration.

When I visited there were a number of back issues of Poetry up for grabs.

The second Little Free Library was further into a residential area. By the corner of N. Magnolia and W. Thorndale, it sits near the Chicago Friends School. This is the first two-level one I’ve come across so far in Chicago.

There were several winners for the taking in this one, including Emily Neville’s It’s Like This, Cat and Driveways, Patios and Garden Walls.

As always, be sure to check out the official map to see if there are any Little Free Libraries near you. However, many aren’t registered so you can either search Google Maps or do like I did and stumble upon them while worrying about being late for work 🙂

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