Market Fresh Books – Evanston

Market Fresh Books – 700 Church Street, Evanston

Market Fresh Books is a unique book store, selling used books by the pound, deli-style. Opened in 2009 by husband and wife team Paul and Susan Frischer, the store is a charming maze of great finds to hunt through, with many being marked down to 99 cents simply to get books in hands.

In downtown Evanston, near the Evanston Public Library, Market Fresh has struggled as of late, due to skyrocketing rents, along with all other business costs. They attempted an Indiegogo campaign earlier this year but only raised $855 of the hoped for $60,000. (Check out the video they made for the campaign below). That, however, I believe, is not an accurate reflection of their worth to the community or of their fan base.

Market Fresh Books is a lovely antidote to the giant Barnes and Noble a short walk away, a place where one can spend hours looking through shelves and leave satisfied, even if empty-handed, knowing the next time they go could result in a huge haul of great finds.

When next in the Evanston area be sure to check this place out. If you can’t find any books, pick up some nostalgic candy or great book-related gifts. Or just say hi and let them know you dig the place. 🙂 If you can’t make it to the area, check out their site of book-related gifts, aptly called Literate Gifts. Where else can you find a Kafka onesie?

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