The Armadillo’s Pillow

The Armadillo’s Pillow – 6753 N. Sheridan Rd.

Growing up my bedroom was the only place I felt safe. I spent hours and hours by myself, covering every inch of it with painting, writings, and all sorts of random things until it felt wholly and completely mine. It could not exist anywhere else or have been made by anyone else. That’s how I felt walking into The Armadillo’s Pillow in Rogers Park. This was clearly a unique space that someone had put a great deal of time into making their own. Or as Cori aptly said, it was like something out of a dream, or Harry Potter.

I tried to ask the guy at the desk about the place but it was clear he had no interest in talking to me unless it was about the books themselves. Which perhaps was best, allowing the space to speak for itself.

A short walk from Loyola University, The Armadillo’s Pillow is a great spot with good prices and unique items. Definitely a place to experience, one of those things sadly lost when buying books online.

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