Uncharted Books

Uncharted Books – 5140 N. Clark Street

Unique among used book stores, Uncharted Books​ in Andersonville bills itself as “A used and rare bookstore, secret club, and event space in Chicago.” While on the smaller side, plan on having some time when you visit as the selection of books is highly cultivated and the unique titles and editions will pull you into the shelves and not let go.

First opened in 2012, Uncharted was a staple of Logan Square at 2620 N. Milwaukee Ave until last year, when they moved to Andersonville, opening there on July 1. We never got to see the old location, but love the new one! I mean, come on, they have a painting of a weedy seadragon, our favorite creature at the Shedd Aquarium​!

Perhaps most unique is the Adventurers Club, a secret room accessible through a rotating bookcase that is “ideally suited for Coworking, Studying, Reading Books, Writing Books, Playing Games of Leisure, and otherwise Seeking Enjoyment.” You can purchase a 2 hour guest pass or pay for a monthly membership and use the space all you want. Pretty rad.

Besides the great selection of books, Uncharted features local books and zines, crafts, candles, and artwork. If all that isn’t enough to convince you stop in, know that you may just be welcomed by Ramona, a big, fluffy, lovable husky. When next in Andersonville, be sure to give her some pets! (And buy a book or two)

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