Growing up in the western suburbs in the 80s, I could barely concentrate enough to make it through a chapter, let alone a full book. But I loved storytelling, and I loved visiting Chicago with my family. Thirty-odd years later concentration is still a struggle but I have come to love reading – and attempting to write – books. After years of moving around from east coast to west coast and in-between, I met a young woman in San Diego and, with her at my side, moved back to the Chicagoland area in 2019.

Together we plan to explore and celebrate all things literary in Chicago – from winding bookstores, to immersive libraries, great (and not so great) writers from the area, as well as books written in or about Chicagoland. If you have any ideas for this site, or want to say hi, send us an email at literarychicagoland@gmail.com.

Cheers to books, writing, and everything along the way!

And if you have some spare time, my own fiction writing can be found at gregorytjanetka.com

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